Our Services

As your landscape designer, it is our goal to create a plan that incorporates your needs and desires while enhancing your site.  Although every site is different, all must go through a series of design stages to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a unique environment designed specifically for you.

We start off by performing a site survey.  A plat of the site is needed on all projects.  Any additional information you may have is always helpful, such as house plans or pool plans.  The plat will be enlarged to a usable scale, generally 1” = 10’ or 1/8” = 1’.  A site analysis is performed to log information regarding views, elevations, site conditions, access, etc… that will affect the design and installation.  Measurements of existing elements including structures, trees, vegetation, etc… are added to the information shown on the plat.  Photographs are taken as a reference.  A base map on a Mylar sheet is created by incorporating all necessary information from the plat and the site analysis.  Please note that you may need to contract with a surveyor if additional information, such as grades or an extensive tree survey, is required.

Larger projects with a number of decisions/options concerning the basic layout will require conceptual plans.  Conceptual plans are basic drawings that convey a lot of general information with limited details.  Conceptual plans allow for the exploration of various ideas, similar or diversified.

Preliminary budgets can be created to aid in determining priorities.  Master plans address the entire site.  Phasing can be suggested to help determine which items should be installed first.  Allowances will be used when time does not permit firm bids from subcontractors.  Please note that the budgets are flexible.  Specific materials may drastically change the overall budget.

The implementation plan(s) will contain all the information required for installation.  All hardscape materials and landscape materials will be noted.  Depending upon the project, construction drawings may be required.  Additional fees will apply if an architect or engineer is retained for construction details or if the municipality requires stamped drawings/details from a licensed architect/engineer.

If you would like to install the design yourself, have fun.  Feel free to request our list of recommended subcontractors to help you with the more difficult aspects of the installation.  We are also available for project management and consultation.  We will be happy to oversee a portion or all of the installation, whatever you need.  We want your experience to be exceptional from beginning to end.